My Projects

Here are some of the projects I’ve spent some time on.


This is my biggest project yet. It’s Facebook viral script with full featured admin panel.


FestFlick is the go-to website for events, fests and college events in India focused mainly on college students. I’m one of the Cofounders.


BlueBot is an open source android app that provides a huge range of features to control a Bluetooth robot from your Android device.


On progress

Pure Bliss Notepad

Pure Bliss notepad is a distraction-free writing tool which helps people do their creative work without letting anything in the way. It’s open source


Wishr is a social experimentation website where you can check whether your friends align with your likings. 


BTC2INR is an android app which lets you convert bitcoin prices to Indian Rupees and vice versa with real-time conversion rates.


Go Cube! Endless

Go Cube! Endless is an android game where you try to drive your cube as long as you can until you eventually hit a block. Built with the Unity3D engine.

Go Cube!

CryptoTriangle is a cryptocurrency blog where I post stuff that I know about Bitcoins and related technologies

OhKwiz is a Facebook picture quiz website. It runs on PHPViralQuiz.

Post Likers Inviter

This is a Chrome Extension that allows users to invite anyone who likes a post on a Facebook page to invite them to like the page as well automatically.

Post Likers Inviter