We just don’t and never will know enough.

There will always be way more things to be understood than what we already know.

We like to believe we figured out stuff. We are not like our ancestors. We have technology and instruments that were way out of reach to the folks who walked the Earth before us.

We think we’ve figured out the medical sciences. We think we know the cure to almost every ailments out there. This could be the biggest misconception out there. The dangerous part is this idea not only is allowed to survive but made to thrive.

We do not know a lot about how the human body works. We have not a clue how life formed nor how or why it ends. We still do not have any clue how a lot of medicines work. We (I kid you not) do not even know why we sleep!

We know it's important but we really don't know why we sleep(nor why we dream.)

We do not know why we age. If most cells are replaced by newer cells on average every ten years, then it isn’t necessary for a person to age. But we do! Why? We think it’s because the DNA isn’t preserved at a cellular level. At a stage, the DNA gets altered, changed, and cells start acting strange and also might kill themselves. The key words here are “We Think.” We are not sure. Heck, we don’t even know what more than 98% of DNA is for (we used to call it junk DNA.)

Human brain - The workings of which are still a mystery to us. Science has very little idea about the relationship between the mind and the body. We do not know how we form thoughts of consciousness. How the feeling of “me” is created and how or why it is different from the physical body.

What about Darwin? Evolution? It must be true. We have scientists and researchers who testify that it is true..right? Hate to break it to you that we have very little idea. All we can say is it is most likely closer to the truth than a gazillion other theories because fact X, fact Y, and fact Z reinforce this particular theory. That doesn’t make this the ultimate reality. Maybe fact X is not a fact but a false claim built upon another incorrect understanding.

The Earth’s core must contain a lot of metal, and that is probably why the Earth is magnetic. Has anyone went in and took a look? No. Would I bet my life on this fact? No. Do we know what all the substances in the core are? You guessed it - No. We don’t even know what gravity is. All we have is a wild guess based on the facts we think are most probably right.

This could continue forever. A lot of the questions we think we’ve cracked are pretty much all deemed “solved” by temporary wild guesses until someone comes up with a better guess.

Almost everything we deal with are black-box systems. We know what goes in and what comes out. We see how the system behaves and deduce facts from it. That’s it. If we go further down the rabbit hole, we can say there are no facts! All statements are observations.

It is also a huge misconception to think of knowledge as an onion of layered information - newer ideas built upon the established ideas. It is not, and if it were facts would never contradict older ones, and if it did, it should not be added as a new layer.

A better model for knowledge is as a collective soup of information and observations traveling through time, which keeps in changing as ingredients are added and removed continuously. Everything we know is in constant flux. Shifting and rewiring constantly.

We accept the Big Bang and the theory of evolution as if it were a given solid fact. Questioning these ideas, we believe, is not within reach of a commoner like us. We think the so-called “experts” have figured everything out for us, and there is no need for us to try and understand these, let alone try to solve these fundamental problems.

We mock at religion yet accept every other dogma out there. Science is not a dogma. Everything has been established, and most of them really well. But accepting it as an end-all, be-all is just as dogma as accepting the great Juju at the bottom of the sea. Just because some guy published something and a few other people agreed on it shouldn’t make it immune from criticism.

We need more questions; we need textbooks that say why we do not know stuff and then discuss the prominent theories. We need people to try figure stuff out for themselves. Never fall for the fallacy that we’ve figured it all out. We have not! We don’t know.

We need to accept that we don’t know.

“Evil is the force that believes that its knowledge is complete.” - Jordan B Peterson