The year is about to end in a few hours while I write this on December 31st. The same day last year I sat in front of my computer typing down as many as goals to achieve in 2018 as possible, a few I even published in a blog post. I thought to do something similar for this New Year. But rather than making plans for the next year, I thought I’d write about how much I appreciate 2018.

2018 has been an incredible year for me in many different ways.

Yes, there are downs as well, but like Nietzsche once said:

That which does not kill us only makes us stronger

I do not boast of having a journey full of sunshine and rainbows, but out of all the words I might use to describe 2018, “hard” is most definitely not one of them. It was definitely “easier” than the previous 2-3 years. Most of it because I didn’t have a fixed goal to achieve this year.

If you aren’t aiming at something, you are satisfied with anything you end up having.

That is not necessarily a good thing.

Achieving goals

Habit of Reading

I did try to develop the habit of reading this year. It was not something that I aimed at achieving. There was no target like “50 books in a year” or “read 15 mins every day”, it was more like “I will read more”. I know that is a shit goal. We’ve all done this. I bet most people define their new year resolutions with no definite goals. How much is “more”? is it any amount more than last year? Or is it any percentage higher than the global average of “Reading” hours?

Long story short, I ended up reading 10-15 books. Most of which had a significant effect on me. I didn’t experiment with my time. I do extensive research on the book before I purchase any book. Heck, I even bought a Kindle Paperwhite.

Some books I listened to, others I read on my kindle. I also read some good articles online and listened to youtube lectures as well.

Habit of Reading

I have a history of a love for reading, but when I got older and apparently “Too Busy”, I thought of it more like a waste of time. 2018 was the year that corrected it for me.

Turns out the reason why I was “too busy” was not because I had too many things to do, but instead because I didn’t manage my time efficiently and I did not know what was important and what wasn’t.

Guess what? There is a book to fix that! (actually, there are many books for that). I don’t want to name any book on time management. The point is – There are a lot of books out there that’ll help you reach your goals, shape and mold your personality and do a lot of good things for you.

Keep in mind there are a lot of books that are designed to murder your time. These books take hours and hours to complete. And if you don’t have anything to take away from it other than the instant gratification it provides then according to me it is officially crap. Fifty shades of …. nevermind, not naming any. Read something that you’ll have things to take away.

If you ask me to name my top 5 books it would be:

  1. Outwitting the Devil – Napoleon Hill
  2. 48 laws of power – Robert Greene
  3. Mastery – Robert Greene
  4. 33 Strategies of war – Robert Greene
  5. 12 Rules for life – Jordan Peterson

I read 15 books in 2018. I’m aiming at 30 for 2019

Opportunity to Teach

I got the opportunity to teach at an Internship Bootcamp this year, Thanks to some good friends at Exetera and Jithin. This was huge for me. Never before I have received such an opportunity. I also got to meet 17 new friends who attended the program. A lot of them, older than me. I was teaching basic web development.

The first day was probably the hardest. All I remember is about 20 people seated in front of me with those nerdy laptop stickers on their laptops (and I had none :|). There were “Ruby Girls”, Google developer student club and honestly I didn’t know what some of the others were. If you knew me very well, You would know that I’m not my best when speaking in front of a crowd. Public speaking is not my best talent. Long story short – Let’s just say the first day was boring af for those poor souls.

But after spending some time with them, it turned out to be one of the best experiences I ever had(hopefully for them too). They listened when I taught, learned everything in a flash. I know they don’t really need me to show them these simple concepts, but I’m glad that I was able to help these awesome people (Seriously, you guys are the best!).

me teaching

I learned a lot of things that I never even thought about while teaching these things. Even my students showed me things that I never knew existed. Like you can paste into the terminal by pressing shift+insert or that the order of the values for the CSS property border is irrelevant (Mindblowing to me at that time. I always googled the order before writing something like border: solid 1px #000).

Self Discipline

This year I tried to introduce some discipline into my life. Let’s just say most of them failed epically.

Self Discipline

Some things I failed at:

  1. Waking up at 4: 30 am, I probably did this for a week before my urge for sleep defeated my willpower.
  2. Clean my room once every week.
  3. Meditate at least once every week although I don’t consider this as an epic fail since I do often meditate, maybe not as often as “once every week”.

Some things I think I succeeded in:

  1. Going to the gym: Although I had skipped more days than 2017, I would still consider this a success
  2. Letting go of things that do not serve me: This is something that Jordan Peterson lectures influenced me to do. For example, I used to play this game for mostly every day for a month with my friends. One day I decided to quit, not because I was addicted to it nor did I have anything important to do. I just wanted to see if I can do it. Derived from the Buddhist idea of a minimal life. I did not do this for all things, but I did try for some and achieved some excellent results.

The Absolute Best Year of my life

I know this article is quite selfish, I have not said anything about how my family and friends made this year amazing for me. I would be nothing without my family. I’m also very fortunate to have these wonderful friends.

But they are with me every year. The above things are those which I probably started in 2018 or things that specifically affected me this year.

Here is a small cartoonish timeline summary thing of what was going through my mind the previous 4 years of my life.

No, I don’t really look like that.

Geon George timeline

Now what?

Okay, If you actually reached this far. Let me know(in the comments or personally). I want to congratulate myself for making my first read-worthy content 👏.

It’s 2019 in a few hours(It’s probably already 2019 when you’re reading this).

Happy New Year to all!

I’m just gonna end this abruptly by throwing this quote by Jordan Peterson at your face(Because it’s my blog and I can)

Don't Sacrifice What You Could Be for What You Are Jordan Peterson